We are delighted to announce that our patients can now access GP Appointments on seven days including weekends. We have partnered with our neighboring practices and formed a Hub at Alpha Medical Practice located in Pak Health Centre on 38 Alum Rock Road, Saltley, Birmingham B8 1JA.


Alpha Medical Practice is conveniently situated in Alum Rock and has ample parking facilities.  It is also accessable via the number 14 bus route.


Appointments for this service will be made through your own GP surgery.


Full GP Notes are used to do the consultations and appointments are 15 minutes per patient.


Available appointments for Ward End Medical Centre are as follows:


Wednesday  = 1 Appointment 6:30pm

Thursday      = 6 Appointments 6:30pm, 6:45pm, 7:00pm, 7:15pm, 7:30pm, 7:45pm
Friday           = 2 Appointments 6:30pm, 6:45pm


Saturday      = 3 Appointments 11:45am, 12:00pm, 12:15pm

Sunday        = 3 Appointments   9:30am, 9:45am, 10:00am


Please note these bookings can be made via the Practice only so ring 0121 327 0131 AND 0121 327 1049 during opening hours. Preference will be given to patients who are in full time work and those who are not able to access GP services during our normal opening hours.





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